Favorite “brand” of Speedo?



QUESTION: Love the blog an original photos. Where are y’all located? Favorite brand of speedo? I just got my first aussiebums – not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing in public xoxo 😘

Well, although Speedo is its own brand, not just another swim brief, my Daddy says Speedo is his favorite brand! Many AussieBum suits are 100% nylon and you can squirt if you rub bulges with another nylon-clad swimmer! TruWest, same thing! An Adidas original suit is rare but nice! Like white with black stripes! But overall the hottest suits are the same suits we see swimmers and water-polo players exhibiting their shiny wet bulges in!

Agon (from agonswim.com) (and my Daddy just ordered a bunch from them! Even LIFEGUARD suits!!!) Adidas! Arena! Speedo! TruWest Turbo! TYR! Nike is acceptable if it’s a water-polo suit because the swim brief has a puke-worthy seam down the asscrack!

These are competition names! Much other stuff is recreational! Which doesn’t count any more than a Calvin Klein brief would! Remember what my Daddy always says! Underwear can not be a competition swim brief. But a competition swim brief can ALWAYS be underwear! Just like in the pic above!

And @boys-xviii sure has a hot blog!

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