why was coketalk terminated?


This SUCKS. This particular takedown happened because of a US law called The Digital Millennium Copyright Act which requires us to remove unauthorized copyrighted material whenever the copyright holder reports it. It also requires that “repeat infringers"—the person, not just their account—be permanently banned from the platform.

In Coketalk’s case, we repeatedly warned her not to post unauthorized copyrighted material (all music posts in her case) and offered to walk her through the issues by phone last year. She declined to counter-notify the notices that she received on her account, which would have rolled those strikes back. We unfortunately received a third notice against her account yesterday, and were required by law to terminate all of her accounts.

I badly wish we had more flexibility in these cases. If you’re concerned about how the DMCA works, please reach out to your House Rep and Senator and tell them you want copyright reform that addresses issues like this.

What a fucking liar you are, David Karp. There is nothing in the DMCA that requires you, in your art-destroying, blog-slashing, disrespectful, insensitive, hostile proclivities to whack a blog after 3 strikes versus 6 or 10 or 13 or 205. How funny it is that you ignore most counters and come up with fake reasons to do so, also, judging them invalid when – get this – the law also gives you no authority to judge their validity. So, guess what. Don’t preach about crying to Congress for reform when you need to pull your head out of your ass first. Also, please shave and pose for Twinkz Illustrated in a Speedo. Don’t worry. We’ll supply the wardrobe.


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