If Your Speedo Feels Like Lube!

(Another reconstituted post of a reconstituted post.)

If your Speedo feels like lube, you have a nylon Speedo on, my Daddy says! Yes, you can go to Dick’s and get a Speedo and it will say 80% nylon! But that’s not a real nylon Speedo! The real ones were 100% nylon! They’re the only ones that are an aphrodisiac! Wouldn’t you love to rub suits with another swimmer whose suit feels silky and lubey? My Daddy says nylon Speedos are lubier than lube! You can still order them and he has lots in his wardrobe! He never would have found out about it if he wasn’t reading the blog at meninnylon.blogspot.com!

Then he realized what we’ve lost in recent years! If you wear a Turbo suit or a lycra Speedo, it’s going to act like a thick condom nobody would buy! But nylon is going to transmit lots of tingly sensory oscillations to your phallic nerves! If you have a boyfriend you should be grinding nylon suits in the morning instead of cotton underwear! That kind of grinding is like dragging a wet sponge across carpet!

Oh, look! My Daddy actually posted about nylon Speedos before!

Here’s that post!


From an e-mail message I sent tonight to the guy at meninnylon.blogspot.com:

… Was still thinking about nylon​ ​and your last message about being alone on your nylon island, as though nobody appreciates it. And I said to myself, WAITMINIT. Of COURSE I’m interested in nylon Speedos. I’ve loved seeing boys in Speedos since I first saw a diver on our 25" RCA color television in 1980-something. They would’ve been nylon for one thing. I just didn’t know they were supposed to FEEL so damn good. By the time I started buying them, they were contaminated with lycra. WHO KNEW that a Speedo, besides being so hot​ ​l​ooking, FELT​ ​slicker than lube and hot as hell?

A Speedo OUGHT to feel as hot as it looks, so of COURSE I’m interested in nylon — and what we’ve “lost.”

It turns out my scholarly research has unearthed plenty of evidence that​ ​you’re not the only one who went wild with them:

1. Like the guy who would use his brother’s red Speedo to jack off. “I remember I was rubbing myself against the bed​ ​and how great​ ​it felt with my dick head sliding back and forth over that​ ​smooth nylon. I had done it lots of times before and would rub back and forth​ ​for a long time.”

2. Like the boy who used his Speedo to cum in a pool – and practically everywhere else. “After pumping that first load of juice into my Speedo at age 12, I was​ ​hooked. I started wearing them to sleep (and caught the byproduct of the​ ​occassional wet dream) and as underwear when I wore my cut-offs.​ ​The nylon slid back and forth accross the denim with great ease. A walk of​ ​any distance would produce a boner quickly. That, combined with watching the​ ​other boys in their Speedos at the pool, was often too much to handle.”

3. Like the freshman who exchanged his boxers for a nylon Speedo in the middle of an encounter: “I then moved my hands over​ ​onto his nylon-speedo-covered ass.  When I started to squeeze he flexed his​ ​ass making me work harder.  By that time we both had raging hard-ons and​ ​were rubbing them together.  I had taken off all of my clothing except for​ ​my boxers.  Then Patrick stepped away and found me a speedo from a bag in​ ​the corner of the room.  I quickly kicked off my boxers and slipped on the​ ​suit that felt ​w​onderful.  At that point we went back to rubbing of encaged​ ​cocks together​ ​…”

​ Damn, this is hot. So what if it’s a few decades old. After all, you can’t write a story about two modern swimmers rubbing themselves together with lycra. The suits block feeling worse than any condom does.

Scuse me while I go read some more!

Pics 1 is of a VERY rare team using nylon Speedos (so it would seem—and where do they even GET them?) for water polo. You don’t want somebody tugging you around with a lycra Speedo under the water, so they seem to have chosen nylon (instead of Turbo suits, which do nothing but hide a bulge!).

2. My nylon green Speedo bought in the ’90s when you could still run into them.

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