Is This Suit Hot?


A Twinkz Illustrated model in a nylon TYR water-polo Destroyer brief. Continue below.


Suits made out of nylon were always the sexiest, hottest, orgasm-inducingest suits. Why? The material was slicker than lube. Polyester sometimes achieves a lubey effect, too, and you can mate it with your schlong without being too heretical against nylon. So when

the Department of Bulge Analytics was windowshopping at today and noticed talk of those old lubey suits under “Knit Polyester,” Team Bulge immediately contacted the Nylon Speedo Authority at Here is his response:

Yes, interest is there–along with intrigue.  Funny, though, the word “knit” always scares me a little.  Technically “tricot” is a type of French knit that can obviously be very silky–and that’s a good thing.  I have, unfortunately, fallen for many “nylon knit” shirts on eBay that turned out to be not so silky but could probably scrub the bird poop off my car with ease and not damage the finish.  But then there’s the reference to “‘nylon’ swim suits back in the 60’s and 70’s” which is about to give me a semi with not only their reference and knowledge of them but thinking about how silky they still are.  So now that all my projects have come and gone and I’m left with insane, massive home Christmas decorating, I will have to consider an order!  I have added to the file of nylon pics but still need to process them before posting them.  Hope things are “sliding” along well for you!

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