Am I not good enough for a guy?


So as a couple weeks have passed, I haven’t heard from the guy I like. I guess I am just a guy to get used for sex. You try so hard to find someone, but all they are looking for is sex. Why does every guy I talk to just want sex and if I tell them I have a crush on them, they just never respond back because all they are wanting is sex. I am talking to an old friend who has been wanting to hang out, but all they want is me to send pics and want to use me for what I have. What has the gay world come to. Mostly every guy is taken and is looking for a 3sum with others. It may never work for me. I see my self being single my whole life, because I just get used and they never talk to me again. I hate to say this, but I wish I didn’t have a big cock.

We at Twinkz Illustrated think that if you wore some Speedos (perhaps from our wardrobe even), some of these heartbreakers would be wooed back for the long term! Especially if you’ve got a big schlong like you say. The stretchwrap of a Speedo across a meaty schlong can’t be ignored.

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