Another post from our Chief Bulge Analyst here at the Department of Bulge Analytics! Hey, notice he’s kinda eyeing the goalie in front of him. If it’s a goalie’s job to get his hands on the balls, how is he missing the ones two feet away?! And below we’ve included another pic of this water-polo player from the Bulge Lab Library. Guaranteed you haven’t seen it floating around. We have some exclusive shit here at the Lab. 

Bulge Lab Findings: Thick and uncut, of course. A handful, mouthful and assfull, depending on what you do with it. Also, this Turbo suit seems to be of an older style. The sides are wider than they are today. Turbo suits now have the narrowest cuts around for competition. If you want narrower, get a bikini or something else, but Team Bulge will not endorse that.

Refer to this post here if you want a refresher on competition swimwear always being acceptable as underwear but underwear (or whatever weird incarnation 2xist or DorkyDonky Chinese Fashion House inserts into the world) never being acceptable as swimwear. Or really at all!

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