We don’t know what the 72 is, except 3 digits off!

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Our Bulge Analytics Department would reveal that this water-polo player’s dick is cut, a bit over 7″ and points downward when hard, just like it points downward in his suit when soft. Here it is clearly half hard, and you can see the suit nestling his head into the bottom of his sack.

Swimmers whose dicks point up when hard often point their dicks up in their suits so that their shiny wet chlorinated organs can inflate freely when they get hard at a meet or a water-polo match.

In any case there’s no need for Bulge Analytics to inform us what kind of dick is in this suit because you can see it right here!

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Boys Size 14. A tad tight but they worked. 

Aaaah, here’s the original post that came from the Department of Bulge Analytics.

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My Daddy’s 18-year-old model in an Adidas wrestling singlet! His opponent sure has a lot of hair to wrestle with! 

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