Is This Suit Hot?

A Twinkz Illustrated model in a nylon TYR water-polo Destroyer brief. Continue below. Suits made out of nylon were always the sexiest, hottest, orgasm-inducingest suits. Why? The material was slicker than lube. Polyester sometimes achieves a lubey effect, too, and you can mate it with your schlong without being too heretical against nylon. So when […]

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Smooth, wet, tanned and twinky. His Daddy must be quite happy. Especially if he rubs bulges with him whilst wearing another nylon TruWest suit like this one. Of course it won’t be slick and lubey unless it’s dry — and if it’s dry enough to have fun with, conversely, it won’t be dry long! Did we mention this is a photo by Scott Stanford, who took lots of pics in the golden era of poolside photography, which featured tons of shiny wet dicks that got people mad at the photographers? Yep. More about him here.

(Some have pointed out that our Bulge Lab shouldn’t be lumping Scott Stanford and Allen into the same article with William and @sinalphoto and, more unrelated still, people who only scanned photos, like Johnie or Regis or whatnot. Well, the theme is that they’re all distributors of hot male content, so they’re all mentioned in the same piece!)

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Bulge Lab findings : That’s a cut dick pointed up and to the left, 7 inches hard and with a slight upward curve. Also, it’s apparently encapsulated in two 100% nylon Speedos. Once dry, they’ll feel silky and lubey and he’ll be able to use them to squirt.

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Just a bit further please

Now there’s a nice flash under this water-polo player’s silky and lubey 100% nylon TruWest suit.

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TYR brief + Speedo nylon drag suit.

A bit whitish and overexposed. We must eventually run this pic through the Bulge Lab and re-do it. But hot model nonetheless! That’s a lycra TYR brief with a 100% nylon Speedo drag suit over it! This swimmer is definitely in training. Any suggestions on how to train him? (Insert Amadeus laugh here.)

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