Just got my first 100% nylon brief swimwear from AussieBum. They feel awesome wearing them as usual underwear. Any suggestion what brand to buy next? The white Turbo briefs look nice.

NYLON? TWINKZ ILLUSTRATED BRIEFLY interviewed AussieBum founder Sean Ashby recently about the state of this fucking-hot material. And here we give you more about it and what he said about its future. You’re choosing well when you choose nylon (especially what’s been known as nylon tricot for decades) as material for your swim briefs, running […]

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BULGE LAB FINDINGS: Even though there’s no “crater” at the tip signifying foreskin, our technicians nonethless determined this swimmer is uncut. They’re saying 8 inches, slight downward curve when stiff. For a higher-quality pic, see this posting of the pic at the Nylon Speedo Authority’s site. (If you didn’t know, swim briefs used to be made out of nylon tricot and when you rubbed suits with other swimmers, the suits were so slick and lubey that you could squirt.)

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Sun After a Swim. We liked this shot even though we didn’t like the shadows. But then they’re easily forgotten when you concentrate on the contents of his 100% nylon Speedo. Which happen to be a very plump, curved, meaty cut schlong. Of course you would’ve already seen it if you’ve seen the swimmers with their Speedos down at Twinkz De-Illustrated.

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SCORE: Twinkz Illustrated recruited a goalie for some photos the other day. Which was nice. Because we can always find water-polo players who want to surrender their bodies for photos in briefs. But not goalies. Understandable. They’re so tired from taking all of those shots from all of those other twink shooters trying to attack their boxes all day long — with all of those skip shots, lob shots, curve shots, screw shots, tee shots, wet shots, penalty shots. All of those shiny wet swimmers shooting at them with their cradle grips and three-finger releases and backspin rotations. God, they really make a goalie work to get his hands on the balls. Sometimes the only relief is an ejection foul. After all of the frenzy, you’d rather get head from a teammate than wrap your bulge in a water-polo brief for photographs. Except in this case. We have our ways. 

This goalie’s team wears University Red Nike polyester water-polo briefs. Since there’s no lycra in them, his team’s suits also happen to feel slick and lubey when the players rub their bulges together. The king of slipperyness and lubeyness is nylon tricot, which Speedos used to be made of (lycra got added a few years ago and it was a show-stopper). This goalie is feeling the stimulus of nylon tricot against his suit in the second picture in the form of TYR nylon shorts.

There’s no place in the world that romanticizes and poeticizes nylon as well as the Nylon Speedo Authority’s site meninnylon.blogspot.com. Twinkz Illustrated of course erects the occasional nylon-related post and you can check the tag for it.

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Behind the Scenes at the Tournament. These two opponents snuck off to play with themselves instead of against themselves. What an outcum! Now for a quick shower.

Of course the nylon TYR suit on the left might’ve been a slick and lubey aphrodisiac if rubbed correctly against another nylon suit, but it was wet. Not that a Turbo suit made of polyester and polybutylene terephthalate (what?!) feels slick or lubey either, wet or dry. You’ll really get a “feel” for nylon at the Nylon Speedo Authority’s site.

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Looks like he’s making a little adjustment

Twinkz Illustrated misses its comrade Swim Chillin. This post of his features a swimmer in a somewhat-uncommon nylon Dolfin suit. If you haven’t heard yet, you’re not paying attention: All-nylon suits are slick and lubey and if you rub bulges in them just right, you will squirt.

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Is This Suit Hot?

A Twinkz Illustrated model in a nylon TYR water-polo Destroyer brief. Continue below. Suits made out of nylon were always the sexiest, hottest, orgasm-inducingest suits. Why? The material was slicker than lube. Polyester sometimes achieves a lubey effect, too, and you can mate it with your schlong without being too heretical against nylon. So when […]

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Smooth, wet, tanned and twinky. His Daddy must be quite happy. Especially if he rubs bulges with him whilst wearing another nylon TruWest suit like this one. Of course it won’t be slick and lubey unless it’s dry — and if it’s dry enough to have fun with, conversely, it won’t be dry long! Did we mention this is a photo by Scott Stanford, who took lots of pics in the golden era of poolside photography, which featured tons of shiny wet dicks that got people mad at the photographers? Yep. More about him here.

(Some have pointed out that our Bulge Lab shouldn’t be lumping Scott Stanford and Allen into the same article with William and @sinalphoto and, more unrelated still, people who only scanned photos, like Johnie or Regis or whatnot. Well, the theme is that they’re all distributors of hot male content, so they’re all mentioned in the same piece!)

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Dear MenInNylon:

We have long been a fan of Adidas, the brand with three stripes started by Adolph “Adi” Dassler. Do you know if shorts like these were ever made with 100% nylon tricot? We think that shooting big long streams of load onto shorts like that would make for a very hot fourth stripe.

Dear Twinkz,

YES!  Adidas did make their 3-striped shorts in nylon tricot–and I added that “4th stripe” to many of them!


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always turned on by 100% nylon suits

@greenspeedos And you don’t bother to notice we at Twinkz Illustrated post lots of 100% nylon, and we are disciples of the guy at meninnylon.blogspot.com Nylon is slick and lubey! Careful! If you rub nylon bulges together, you just might squirt!

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Look! It’s my Daddy’s model Sasha Peterson from Helix! My Daddy had some nylon TYR shorts and he wore them!

THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE FOR TWINKZ! It’s my blog of my Daddy’s work and other stuff! Like feature stories about Speedos and the delicious things inside them!

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