A fourth year electrical engineering major, Sal was yet another freakishly talented individual. Besides having one of the highest GPA’s in his class, a beautiful girlfriend, and aspirations to study a masters in computer science before embarking on a career in high tech – Sal was an excellent swimmer.

Like his teammates, he too was incredibly cute and had a very, very nice ass.

Bulge Lab Findings: This TYR suit looks a size too big or has unstylish wide sides or both. In any case, the contents are fine: A cut dick pointed to the right that gets to 5.5″ hard.

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Absolutely no break for the so-called “Gray Speedo Boy” photographed by Scott Stanford! He is posted, reposted, reblogged, resized, retouched. (Hey, we didn’t get to touch him the first time! What gives with the retouching!) People have even changed his suit from gray to red. And guess what! That’s a TYR suit, not a Speedo. Probably 100% nylon also. Which means it’s slick and lubey and an aphrodisiac when you rub bulges in it! Click the Scott Stanford tag to see a bit more about Scott, and check for more later, especially if Scott is interested in talking with Twinkz Illustrated about his photography. 

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Is This Suit Hot?

A Twinkz Illustrated model in a nylon TYR water-polo Destroyer brief. Continue below. Suits made out of nylon were always the sexiest, hottest, orgasm-inducingest suits. Why? The material was slicker than lube. Polyester sometimes achieves a lubey effect, too, and you can mate it with your schlong without being too heretical against nylon. So when […]

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Still mad at whoever took these pics for using this model as a costumed superhero in a dorkus porn flick without doing a little bit of serious work too. Thanks for that, can-am. It’s been like 15 years, but I hold a grudge. There’ll be more revealing pics at yungerdaddy.

NSFW version here.  

Speedos On:
Speedos Off:

Wax On: Mr-Miagi.jpg
Wax Off:  Mr-Miagi.jpg

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