Surprise! One of our posts of William’s early work. At the time, William’s pics were dense high-quality files. You might have cropped them a tad just to save hard-drive space! The earliest of William’s photos noticed by the Bulge Lab are from 1997. And this is shot on film before people were using digital cameras. William is said to have been insanely careful about quality and detail. He’s also said to have designed that typeface himself – the one you see saying “William ’99" here. Read more about William here.

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OK, not quite a Speedo. Read more about William here.

Look, it’s another hottie by the legendary photographer William! Thanks to my Daddy for putting it up here and even bigger thanks to William!

Read more about William here!

The link for William is now here. (Admittedly the whole thing should be updated. Anyone who really knows more about William, SurfTime, Allen, Scott, Regis, and so on should contribute.)

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William and His Genre

twinkzillustratedxxx: bj101stuff: seriousaboutspeedos: “William,” who said that isn’t really his name, was THE photographer for boys in Speedos starting maybe 18 years ago. He’s from Australia; he took tons of pics of boys in Speedos, board shorts, cycling gear and rowing outfits, along with plain ol’ headshots. He’s simply the patriarch of the beach-boys, swimmers-in-Speedos […]

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