Into Wardrobe

As nice as Under Armour is, the dress code for Twinkz mandates Speedos or other competition swim briefs be worn at all times. So off goes the Under Armour for some Speedo photos. This is Helix’s Sasha Peterson. With the Tumblr blog being rather PG-13ish, we figured we’d post a few more Speedoless shots here.

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TWINKZ ILLUSTRATED HAS THIS SUIT, an Arena brief called the “Santamarias.” Who knows why it’s plural because we thought there was only one Santa Maria! We skipped ordering too many of these because we were already clearing out the entire Italian inventory of this white Adidas suit here and here.

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THE MODEL SEEMS to be Arnau Salinas, wearing the same Turbo New Zealand water-polo suit that we have in wardrobe here at the Twinkz Illustrated Bulge Lab! The Lab also determined that his dick is pointed to the left and uncut. Unfortunately the photographer did not think to have his camera’s sensor cleaned. Look at all of the dust.

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IT’S OUR LIFEGUARD after he changed out of his official Jacksonville Beach lifeguard suit from agonswim and into this Speedo.

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